Mito awarded ReChina Top50 Suppliers
ReChina Imaging Supplies & 3D Forum was held in May 24, 2017 together with ReChina Expo at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition &Convention Center in Shanghai, China. Several industry experts and entrepreneurs presented their latest industry market research and shared their personal penetrating views.

Mary Ouyang, Mito’s CEO addressed the forum on behalf of Zhuhai Consumables Industry Association, generally stated the history of Chinese consumables industry, analyzed the factors of the inexorable rise of Chinese companies and discussed the future of Chinese consumables industry.

After the speech,  the results of ReChina Top50 Suppliers Program was announced and the TOP10 enterprises was awarded in the forum. Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd. was awarded “ ReChina Top50 Suppliers” for Print Consumables.

Top 50 suppliers are enterprises supplying good quality products at competitive price, the most reliable and the easiest to cooperate with. The program will help buyers and inspire the suppliers as well, which is aimed at healthy development of the industry.

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