Mito expands factory capacity by 50% to sustain its continued global growth

Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd. (Mito), is one of the world’s fastest growing color remanufacturing companies and is pleased to announce it has increased manufacturing volumes of color toner cartridges by 50%, as part of its wider expansion plan, in response to years of continuous global success.

The expansion is part of Mito’s long-term strategy to consolidate its market presence of color toner cartridges in a global marketplace, which will continue to help Mito achieve long-term sustainable business relationships and development. This new capacity increase will be aligned to meet our existing and new customer’s expected demand ensuring continuity of supply and will further enhance our ability to meet changing customer needs. The expansion will increase overall capacity and improve efficiencies, which will enhance Mito’s product and service with quality products and reliability.

About Mito Color Imaging

With its headquarters located in Zhuhai China, Mito Color Imaging Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing, researching and sales of laser toner cartridges. As a leading remanufacturing company for laser toner cartridges, Mito will continue to offer our customers the best choices available with the best value. Mito will continue to seek long term sustainable relationships and maintain its commitment to remanufacturing the best toner cartridges with uniform quality and stable performance.

For further information, details regarding Mito products and to be a part of this exciting growth opportunity, contact:

E-mail:  [email protected]
Tel:  (86) 756-6291876 / 2535256

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